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3d architectural visualization services


3d architectural visualization services we have done for US Architects, for Suesserman Residence.

3d Architectural Visualization Services

Below is the process how we work with our clients.

Receiving a request email from the client:

Hi Athena,                Looking for a quote on a front and rear rendering. Please note the client states she has used you in the past and you provided her different roof styles. If you could please show a hip roof along with a gable that is show on the attached pdf and autocad file. Please also see attached pictures of existing street views and inspo photos of what the owner wants. The shingles and window trim will also be black. Thank you.”

After receiving the deposit and dwg files from client, we have completed the model and send the angle drafts 

to client for approval.

3d drawing and rendering in multimedia

Client feedbacks: “Looks good, however can the trim around the windows and doors be black along with the outline of the railings.”

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Client loves the rendeirng, he also want to see a hip solution for the roof: “Great thank you, I believe the client also wants to see how a hip roof would look as well if possible. Over the left side of the house when looking at the front.”

Client would like to see a front view instead of the front left view : “Hey sorry fro the back and forth can it just be a full frontal view that just shows the front of their house. Thanks.”

Below are the final renderings we complete for client

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