3d rendering for homes

3d rendering for homes, Front and rear view. see our rendering project cases. How we work together with architects.

3d rendering for homes-Client has request two renderings for his home project.

Hi Athena
I am looking to have two renderings done for this project.
I have attached color samples, PDF, CAD, and a diagram of which views I would like to see.
I have labeled all the materials.
All windows, doors , fascias, trims to be “pebble grey”.
Except front door , that should be a solid wood oak door.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!

Below is our angle drafts for client approval

3d rendering for homes-Client’s feedback for the model drafts:

These are the comments on the rendering. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Windows should be pebble grey not black
Cedar color seems a little pink, should be tad darker or just more natural looking
Not sure if she can show a mortar joint in the stone. But I think it would help
Window light cut 2wide 3 high
Front Elevation
Garage doors should be mahogany or cedar natural color
Shed roof over north garage window, looks grey instead of copper
Garage Dormers: the little cutout detail where front wall of dormer comes down and roofline just in a little didn’t translate
North Arched window, should have arched shutters in pebble grey
Brackets on garage window: cedar
North Center Elevation
Hard to tell, but laundry bump-out doesn’t look correct
Theres a tree covering dining room window please remove
Main foyer bump out roof should be copper
Move front door lantern down 16-18”
Front door should be natural oak color, sidelights and jambs to be pebble grey
Brackets on bump out should be natural cedar
Remove upper lanterns off Juliet balconies
Rear Elevation:
Porch columns and brackets to be natural cedar
See my notes on site plan for pool layout and patio sketch

Want to put stepping stone grid from porch to pool deck

3’ bluestone patio on north and south side of pool

chase lounge area on east end of pool
Pool house

pool house columns and brackets, natural cedar

on the reverse gable want to show a small copper roof to give it some detail

lanterns on either side of door

Outdoor Shower should be natural mahogany
Landscape design

Hydrangea and salvia boarder around pool with a break where the stepping stone grid is

throw some vegetation on either side of window of 1st floor master

Driveway should be circular with a maple in the circle

Seems the dimensions are off.

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