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home design rendering-Do 3 renderings for Greco project

Hi Athena,
Can you please provide us a quote to do 3 renderings of this house? We would like 2 of the rear and one of the front. Attached are the CAD files.
On the Site plan, I have drawn 3 arrows to show an idea as to where we would like to see the views. When we receive the drafts, we can decide if a 4th view is necessary. Also the changes to the design were minor but I am attaching the new CAD files just in case.
Thank you,

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Hi Athena,
Here are some comments for you. One of the three we need to shift the view to better capture the rear left side of the house – see comments. Also, on the front views, see if you can get the water in the background.
Below is a picture of the wood color we are hoping to have on the rendering. It would be the color on the right with the wood grains on them.

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Hi Athena,
Attached are the comments on the three renderings. This house is on the water and we need to show that in the background – I attached an existing pic of the site for reference. The front wood columns need to be made a bit smaller and make the roof much darker – almost black. There are a few other things. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Thanks Athena, they look great!!!

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