house exterior rendering

house exterior rendering-Model according to pictures

Clients ask us if we can do rendering according to the site pictures, sure we can!

Hi If I send you a pdf of the space plus actual site pictures are you able to build the model? Or do you need a cad file?
Please see attached files.
I will send you some elevations and concepts for how we want to change the façade.
Before we invest in rendering the whole project I would like to see you do just a small section to make sure we are happy with the quality.

House exterior rendering-We creat modeling according to the pictures and send client the angle for approval


Thanks. This looks great. As discisssd we are changing the material. So I will mark up today the new material placement.

Please see attached. I drew over ur image a new façade of how we want to change the existing. Let me know if you understand it.
Also if you look back at the pictures I sent you you will see its similar to what we want to do


Hi Athena
Please see attached. Hope you can understand the changes!
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Once we finalize this rendering and the client is happy we will continue to do the rest of the buildings in this project to match this look.

Final Look!

house exterior rendering

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