How much are architect renderings?

What is architect renderings?

Architect renderings is becoming increasingly important, especially in the product and construction industry. If you are working on a product design or planning an architectural project, 3D rendering is the cheapest and best way to check the results ahead of time. By showing 3D renderings and animations, your customers can get an early idea of what their final product will look like.

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But despite the apparent effects of 3D visualization, clients still want to know before proceeding: how much does it cost to make architect renderings or a 3D animation?
But cannot say this in one sentence. The price of renderings is determined by the complexity and size of the project. For example, a simple residential project may be less than $250, while a sizeable urban plan can reach $2000
So, let’s see what affects the price of 3d rendering.

What are the types of architect renderings

Although the renderings all show a building, different renderings have different effects. Some express the facade details of the building, some shows the atmosphere of the environment, some shows the surrounding terrain, and some show the relationship between the structure and the surrounding environment.

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Another example is an architectural animation. It can look down at the building from top to bottom or the facility from the bottom to the top. Some may look at the details of the building from the interior to the exterior, and some present the details of the building from exterior to interior.

Different quality renderings and animations express entirely other things. High-quality renderings and animations make you feel like you can interact with the building. You can even feel the fresh smell in the air and the sparkling water in the pool. And low-quality renderings and animations lack a lot of details, and you can think that it’s just a painting or an animation, that doesn’t resonate with you.


What affect Architect Renderings Pricing

When an architect wants to know how much a rendering or animation costs, architectural rendering companies usually require specify details to be understood first.
Because if they don’t know the exact content of the project, they can’t give the actual price
So you have to prepare some essential details of the project in advance.

First, the price is based on the size of the project. For example, an eye view house may cost $250, while a bird’s-eye civil plan may cost $1,000.

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Secondly, the difference in the price of renderings also depends on the documents provided by the architect. The more detailed the documents provided, such as plan drawings, elevation drawings, material references, color cards, topographic drawings, landscapes, etc., the rendering company will quickly understand how the project will be present and reduce revisions, Thereby reducing charges. Suppose the architect only provides very simple project information, such as a hand-drawn drawing, an old photo of the project, or only the drawings without materials, etc. It will bring a more significant workload to the rendering company and may bring great changes. In this case, the rendering company will charge a higher fee.

Three factors impact architect renderings cost


Suppose an architect suddenly decides that he needs several renderings for a project. He will give the rendering company very little time. The rendering company may need to work overtime or reduce the quality of the renderings.
Therefore, to reduce the cost of renderings, please leave sufficient time for rendering companies so that you can obtain high-level renderings and also reduce production costs.

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Size of the Files

Generally speaking, the renderings provided by Mingjing-CG rendering company to customers are 4000-5000pixel images, which is enough for architects to use for publicity. However, it is also possible if the customer also needs higher pixels. The higher the pixels, the more complex the parameters to be set, the longer the render time, and the higher the rendering cost.

The Experience of the Artist

He is fortunate if an architect can find an artist with many years of experience in renderings, x. Because the more experienced the artists are, the better they can present the renderings that the client needs, with fewer revisions, but also at a higher cost.
Here we suggest architects do not find less experienced artists to save costs. These artists spend less time and produce poor quality renderings, which will seriously affect the impression of your project. Compared to a real estate project, the rendering price is not high, and there is no need to save the rendering production money.

So how much does it cost to do an architect rendering?

So, if you still don’t know how much you should pay for a rendering, here are some basic prices for reference:

Exterior – Residential: $200-$700

Many architects need to make some front and back renderings for their residential projects, showing the material of the facade, the details of the roof, the details of the windows, the garage, the parking lot, the pedestrian path, etc., including the surrounding landscape, you can refer to this price range.

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Exterior – Commercial (Small): $350-$700
Businesses below office buildings, small shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. All fall into this category.

Exterior – Commercial (Large): $700-$2000
Your job falls into this category if you have a big project, such as a city plan, a town plan, a fantastic resort, a theme park, or a large office building.

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Interior – Residential: $200-$550

If your client wants to represent the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, living room, etc. For their residential project, they will need renderings. Interior renderings will include furniture, trim, throw pillows, lights, cutlery, cabinets, and more.

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Interior – Commercial: $275-$1000
Offices, hotel rooms, commercial rooms, etc., belong to this category. The more complex the interior decoration, the higher the price.

3D Floorplans: $50-$450

3D floor plans generally have fewer details and lower prices. Just show simple walls, doors and windows, furniture, etc.

Here in Mingjing-CG, you will find better rendering price than the above pricing.

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