pergola rendering

Pergola rendering-Client is asking us to do renderings for a Pergola

Hi Athena,
Can you do an outdoor 3D rendering design
See floor plan
One pergola attached to house- similar to picture attached
Another pergola- detach in corner of property- like attached #3
Outdoor kitchen- straight run as shown on plan- similar to photo in style- just longer
Also include some photos of the actual backyard of property and house

Pergola attached to house- only 2 columns and then ledger to the wall directly under roof- you can see existing picture of house- pergola goes above the door
Flat roof- space rafter 16” apart- 2X10
Single beam above column- 12” beam
Same construction for detach pergola –
4 columns- one each corner
12” beam on 2 ends- front end facing pool and back end
Flat rafters at 16” spacing- 2X10
Kitchen counter area has bbq and sink – long length
Just want to show location and idea
Maybe show 2 views- each corner of property
View 1- show pool on ground – surround in pavers- with detach pergola in corner and attached pergola to house with kitchen in far background
View 2 – other corner- detached pergola with pool and paver surround and shower stall in corner
We do not have a lot of pictures of the house so you can just leave the house as a solid massing
The client may want additional views as well
Close up view of kitchen
Standing under pergola looking out, etc.

Below are the angle drafts we produce for client

realistic architecture render

3d rendering revit

reddit 3d rendering

These look great!
Slight change-
Fence behind kitchen area- vinyl beige fence
Fence behind shower- same style vinyl fence- 6 ft white –
Can you change the style of the outdoor shower to your previous drawing- like that style
Massing of the house is perfect

Below are the final drafts we send to client for approval

photorealistic architectural visualization

good render

I like it
Thank you
I will send off to the client
Thank you again
I will keep you posted if they want any additional views

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